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Clinical Trials and Testimonies

"Due to Alzheimers Disease, it would take hours for Mum to have a cup of fluid. We were spoon feeding her. However, with the RoseCup, Sipper and Straw valve, she is able to sip the fluid easily in a relatively short period of time. No spillage. When Mum had to go into palliative care, I took the RoseCup with her wherever she went and used it until the last few days. The RoseCup is a wonderful product! I love it. It helped us with caring for Mum in her last few weeks. The nurses on the wards admired it as well."

Anonymous, A grateful daughter

"My son had a stroke when he was 16 months old and has dysphagia following the stroke. He is only able to drink moderately thick fluids by mouth in controlled quantities following his stroke. The Rosecup has made his liquid feedings much easier. Prior to the obtaining the Rosecup we needed to spoonfeed my son his fluids. Now we are able to fill his cup with moderately thick fluid and allow him to feed himself. There are very limited options on the market for cups to use to dispense controlled amounts of moderately thick fluids. We are so happy we discovered the Rosecup!"

Anonymous, A Mother from USA

"I have a rare disease called Neuroacanthocytosis which has affected my movement. Among other things, it has taken away the ability for me to swallow. I could not drink from a cup or bottle even with a pop up top as my tongue kept pushing the fluid out.

My Speech Pathologist suggested I try the RoseCup. This was probably 5 or 6 years ago and I have used it ever since. I use if for thickened water and coffee. Without my RoseCups, I would not be able to have any fluids through my mouth. I enjoy the taste of coffee and iced chocolate as this is the only way I can taste it. As I am peg fed to obtain my nutrients, I am so grateful for the RoseCups otherwise I would have no flavours to taste.

I would recommend the RoseCup for anyone who has trouble swallowing."

Anonymous, Patient Story and Experience

"My husband has Huntington’s Disease and the cup has been of great assistance with assisting him with drinking at this stage. Originally he was only using the cup to drink thickened water and now he uses the cup for all his drinks. This is the only cup that he has been comfortable to use and made it extremely easy to transition from normal cups and glasses. This cup helps with regulating the flow for him. He was so comfortable with the cup that we purchased a second cup and now the two cups are making life just so much better, and the shaker has been a great help while making it easier to thickening his drinks. We also have all the attachments and no doubt the time will come when he is using the spoon as well.

It has been such a help to us that I have recommended it to others."

Vicki Collins

"My client has PSP and a severe oropharyngeal dysphagia characterised by significantly delayed transit of a liquid bolus, compounded by poor head movement for oral intake.

The Rose Cup has increased her daily hydration intake, she’s drinking far more than she ever could before the Rose Cup. The Rose Cup is easy to use and hold, she can independently have a drink without spillages, she can access all the drink from the bottom of the cup with the straw and the volume of each bolus is controlled which has reduced coughing with inconsistent and unexpected bolus sizes.

It’s been a game changer and helped stabilise and halt her weight loss as she is drinking high protein and dietician certified nutritionally complete moderately thick drinks over the course of the day independently.

Her daughter has also enjoyed being able to take the Rose Cup on coffee and lunch outings and avoid messy spills and challenges with café cups/mugs when the last 1/4 of the drink would be left in the cup due to inability to move head to access the last of the beverage.

Most importantly it’s a safe way for her to drink and she enjoys drinking from the Rose Cup."

South Australia, Speech Pathologist

"Working as a carer I have always been concerned about the hydration of the residents that was prescribed thickened fluids. The Rose Cup has been invaluable in providing an alternative to the laborious spoon feeding of the residents. I have seen a big change in the confidence of some residents, since they have been able to drink thickened fluids without the assistance of a carer. An awesome device which not only provides a means to consume thickened fluids, but also empowers the user by putting control of their hydration needs back in their own hands"

Carer and Carer Instructor, Toowoomba, Jaco Olivier

"First, I'd like to compliment you on the shakes. They are very delicious. My favourite is the coffee. It tastes and smells like percolated coffee. Now, the cup. Oh, that cup. I honestly don't know how it works, but IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! In this last four to five days I've been drinking more fluid than I can remember having in this last few torturous months…"

A lady with Neuroacanthocitosis (a rare condition of central nervous system degeneration, neuromuscular manifestations, and acanthocytosis of red blood cells) was prescribed the RoseCup with the blue soft spout attachment by her speech pathologist. She is non-verbal with a PEG in place as her main method of intake. Despite uncontrollable movements she describes the RoseCup as “really beneficial to me”. She indicates that her tongue does not move, but suspect that a slight capacity remains - just enough to compress the blue spout slightly against the hard palate. This allows her to drink thickened coffee, milk, Sustagen and water. She has not enough strength in her tongue to utilise the green or purple spouts with smaller openings.

Patient Experiences (South Africa & Australia)

"Due to a significant deterioration in his dexterity Resident X has slowly been unable to feed himself and can no long hold a glass or cup to drink on his own. In an effort to assist him in maintaining as much independence at meal times as possible, I offered him the cup.To say he was delighted would be an understatement. He also mentioned that as his conditions deteriorates further he will still be able to drink using the cup and staff can just assist with the extra handle.This feedback has been terrific.

Resident Y. Due to his advanced Parkinson’s disease and his decreasing ability to eat and drink independently we offered him the Rose cup with the flow valve. This has made a big difference for him in relation to the mess he makes when he is drinking – due not only to his tremors but his increasing difficulty in being able to swallow, something he finds embarrassing. In the past he used a straw to drink however his ability to suck on a straw has also diminished. The Rose cup enables him to drink thickened fluids independently and not spill over himself or on the floor. Thank you for bringing such a fantastic product into the market. "

Aged Care Facility, Clinical Manager Grossard Court (Sapphire Care): Mel Rosenzweig

Just wanted to let you know how good the Rose cup has been for my daughter, Ella! Fantastic ! She can really latch onto it and is enjoying drinking again! Ella was born with a genetic brain disorder - Lissencephaly, cortically impaired vision and epilepsy, diagnosed at 3 months and were told she would not survive beyond infancy. She has now reached the grand age of 17! She is profoundly disabled both physically and mentally. We have always fed her puréed foods and she has always drunk from a soft spouted toddler drinking bottle that we have always got from the UK. Unfortunately these are no longer made, so we had resorted to having to spoon feed Ella thickened fluids. So I could not believe it when I saw the RoseCup at a recent conference display...I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be perfect for Ella.

Ella took to the cup straight away, she is using the middle size hole spout with just plain un-thickened liquids. Her teacher has been asking where it came from, as would possibly suit other students at the school. So I have forwarded your website details to her to pass on to other parents. I hope your new cup business does well, as it really is meeting an unmet need!

Personal Carer, Anne Marie Wilkins, WA

"Thank you for such a wonderful product. It has given my mom back some independence with drinking.

The cup design and quality is wonderful. I am so excited to share info with friends and co-workers and plan to write something up for the CurePSP website as we have tried numerous cups over the years with no luck. "

Personal Carer, Diana Van Der Slice (Pennsylvania)

"I think your cup is a great idea and I will be promoting it. My client is a community client who was hospitalised and the speech pathologist recommended your cup, so the word is out! Good luck and thank you for allowing me to have your cup to trial with, I'm sure there will be lots of suitable clients in the future."

Speech Pathologist, Mary-ann Costello

"As a speech pathologist, I found that specific design features of the Rose Cup offered a comfortable and effective method of delivering controlled bolus volumes to selected patients post surgery for oral cancer.

I typically struggle to find an acceptable, efficient and effective method of providing a bolus to the posterior oral cavity. The soft attachment enabled independence in oral feeding, posterior delivery of a thickened liquid bolus and containment, eliminating the mess and frustration associated with bolus loss due to reduced control and compromised mouth closure.

The introduction of the Rose Cup made a huge difference by establishing a method of intake that was acceptable to my patient, lower in an effort and supported an increase in intake which ultimately led to the removal of her nasogastric tube. She is delighted and I couldn’t be more happy for her."

Speech Pathologist, Kylie Perkins, Brisbane

"A life saving medical device, saving dementia and those with swallowing difficulties. I look forward to the day when the RoseCup is commonly used across the world - it's that amazing!"

Family Member Dysphagia, Nicole Lane

"I am the Practice Manager at an Acute Neuro Physical Rehabilitation Unit in East London, South Africa.

We see many Stroke and often Dysphagia patients. I would be so happy if you send me a Sample Demonstration Kit with sachets. Chatted to our Speech Therapist, Penny who has a wealth of experience and she is most impressed.

Her response after a trial:

We have had a huge success with the above. Did a presentation to our other units. Not sure going forward how one can sort out ordering. I am hoping that you will get a Depot in South Africa. I am based in the Eastern Cape and we have many challenges financially amongst our patients. With the exchange rate of the Rand one is always nervous.

There is no other product like this in the country, so it will be the first, I chatted to our Speech Pathologist regarding your RoseCup. Wonderful success and the patients would love to take the cup home."

Practice Manager - South Africa, Des

"Due to Amara's complex needs drinking is the only thing she can do independently, we have tried numerous specialist cups but found she preferred a soft spout so she used a baby's trainer cup but it had to have a soft spout as she tends to chew it get the fluids out. 3 companies discontinued their range over the past 2 years, this year we found no company sold what she needed to independently take fluids.

I did a lot of searching online looking for something suitable, after 2hrs came across the Rosecup, thought no harm in giving it a try so placed my order. Best thing I ever did, she us doing great using it.

I would like to Thank you all as well for all the help and advice I have received when needed."

United Kingdom, Nicola
Dr Roux explains some of the various mechanisms involved in swallowing difficulties, the use of thickened fluids for dysphagia treatment and devices that assist swallowing.