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Swallowing awareness day, Wednesday 13 March 2024

Dysphagia, the modern-day pandemic

In our rapidly ageing population already around one million Australians have a swallowing difficulty, also known as dysphagia. 800 000 Australians suffering from dysphagia don’t know about it and are likely to suffer the consequences.
Rosecup with variety of spouts

RoseCup Awarded $250,000 Government Grant

After nearly seven years of developing the RoseCup, we (Dr Gabriel Roux, Hannelie Roux and the team) are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead thanks to the Palaszczuk Government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding.
Grandma dancing with her grandchild

Let's get old with quality and dignity

Doc you know, dad was one of the top bank managers in the state and just look at him now! And mum was always at his side, cheerful and energetic. And look at the two of them - just a shade of what they have been...


Message to Carers

A message to all Carers requesting for assistance with the early diagnosis of Dysphagia.

The Challenge of Dysphagia

Dr Roux explains some of the various mechanisms involved in swallowing difficulties, the use of thickened fluids for dysphagia treatment and devices that assist swallowing.

Early diagnosis of Dysphagia

The Early Diagnosis of Dysphagia is important - this help to prevent complications and allow early rehabilitation.

Pleasing Plate for the Dysphagia Diet

This video covers the importance of serving foods that has visual appealing and tips and simple improvements to the standard runny puree foods.

RoseCup Effective Swallowing and Feeding Solutions

RoseCup has been designed to assist with access to nutrition and hydration for anyone struggling with feeding and swallowing or who has been diagnosed with dysphagia

Dysphagia - A Quest for Care

Dr. Roux explains how to care for people with swallowing difficulties or Dysphagia.
It is recommended that any person who knows or suspect they have a swallowing disorder should contact a local Speech Pathologist that specialise in Dysphagia