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RoseCup Awarded $250,000 Government Grant

After nearly seven years of developing the RoseCup, we (Dr Gabriel Roux, Hannelie Roux and the team) are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead thanks to the Palaszczuk Government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding.

The RoseCup is a practical device designed to help people with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) to take food effectively and safely. Its name, design and development were inspired by the plight of one of Dr Gabriel Roux’s dementia patients, 89-year-old Rose Palmada, from rural Queensland.

The RoseCup has been designed with a unique flow and volume control as well as soft silicone spouts that make swallowing safer for the patient and easier for the caregiver. The spouts come in three different sizes to allow for food of different consistencies, depending on the needs of the patient. We have also created complimentary nutritional supplementation, NutriTaste, to be used in the RoseCup with the appropriate spout.

We plan to use the $250,000 funding to assist in undertaking market research testing, to further develop the product and expand the business.

This is a great win for our company, Bayro No. 1, as the funding allows us to take action now instead of down the track. This means we can get the product out there and helping dysphagia sufferers.

RoseCup NutriTaste will initially begin roll out in South East Queensland, which has almost 300 residential aged care facilities, and then continue nationwide.

We are also excited to have received significant international interest in our product range and we hope to export to both first and third-world countries around the globe.

On behalf of the Bayro No. 1 team, we extend a warm thank you to those professionals including caregivers, speech pathologists, nutritionists and local food and plastics manufacturers who worked with us over the seven years to develop the RoseCup.

Read more about the Palaszczuk Government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas fund out in South East Queensland, which has almost 300 residential aged care.

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The RoseCup has been developed in Australia and is a TGA registered, Class 1 Medical Device. It has been designed to assist with access to nutrition and hydration for anyone struggling with feeding and swallowing or who has been diagnosed with dysphagia.