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Delicious thickened meals designed by Nutritionists

Re-establish confidence in feeding

If you are unsure which thickness level and RoseCup attachment to use, you can take our quick questionnaire here

The NutriTaste meal range has been created to be used with our uniquely designed RoseCup™. The meals provide a combination of quality, taste and nutrition, while making swallowing and feeding difficulties more manageable for carers and sufferers.

NutriTaste is an ideal supplement for any person unable to swallow normal food and therefore at risk of poor nutrition.

The meals are available in Mildly Thick, Moderately Thick and Extremely Thick to suit individual needs and preferences.

They are available in three flavours - Coffee, Chocolate and Vanilla. (Moderately Thick and Extremely Thick are available in Vanilla only at the moment.)

The NutriTaste™ premix is a dry powder that is quick and easy to prepare!

You can choose from a range of flavours in 50g sachets (1 meal).

This thickened liquid food has been carefully tested in the laboratory and the formulas adjusted to perfectly suit the 3 different spout opening diameters of the RoseCup™ Soft Spout attachments.

You can also use the Nutritaste meals with our Spoon and Sipper Attachments.

How to choose your products

Perhaps you have already been diagnosed by a Speech Pathologist and they have made recommendations for you. You can choose a meal thickness and Soft Spout attachment to match their recommendations.

Mildly Thick

Level 1

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Green)
Spout opening 0.5 mm for Mildly Thick liquids

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Moderately Thick

Level 2

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Purple)
Spout opening 1.0 mm for Moderately Thick liquids

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Extremely Thick

Level 3

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Blue)
Spout opening 2.0 mm for Extremely Thick liquids

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The Speech Pathologist evaluated John and instructed that he needs Moderately Thick liquid food (Level 2) intake to safeguard his airways.

John’s carer uses the purple spout on the RoseCup, selects Moderately Thick NutriTaste Premix (Level 2) which is clearly marked with a Purple Patch. For peace of mind John’s carer will ensure that the colours of the spout and the food packaging are the same i.e. Purple.

To make it easy for you, we have created Starter Kits which include Nutritaste meal sachets and the matching RoseCup attachments

Mixing Instructions

  • 1.
    Pour 250 ml of cold clean drinking water in the Shaker. If you do not have the correct size shaker, you can purchase one in our store.
  • 2.
    Add 50g of the correct NutriTaste™ premix to the water in the shaker. Close the lid and vigorously shake until dissolved.
  • 3.
    Pour the content of the Shaker into the RoseCup, and close the lid with the correct spout colour.
  • 4.
    After a short safety check the food is ready to serve!

NutriTaste was originally created for people experiencing dysphagia. Dysphagia is one of the many conditions that can create severe difficulties in obtaining the required daily amount of calories and maintaining a healthy weight, which is critically important in maintaining healthy immune function.

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