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Delicious thickened meals designed by Nutritionists NutriTaste

Re-establish confidence in feeding

Advantages of packaging

  • Compact
  • Use less storage space
  • Easy and light to transport
  • Long shelf life
  • Powder formula
  • Weight only 50g per sachet

NutriTaste general information and uses

NutriTaste Thickened fluids range is a delicious shake available in a powder formula designed by Nutritionists. Lifemere is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of the complete NutriTaste range. With added additional protein and Kilojoules to assist the frail to keep nourished and hydrated. Add water, shake and enjoy!

NutriTaste thickened nutritional shakes are suitable for use in residential aged care settings. Highly recommended for people who experience the following:

  • Motor Neurone disease
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • People with cancer
  • Neurological disorders caused by disease or injury
  • Malignancies of the throat and/or mouth
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
* Free from artificial colours and flavours, GMO free, sodium free

Use & storage instruction

  • 12 months shelf life – refer to Best Before date on packet
  • Keep away from sunlight and store in a cool dry place
  • Storage, preparation and handling should take place according to site's food safety protocols.
  • Although the prepared NutriTaste thickened fluid will maintain consistency for a 24-hour period,
  • Lifemere recommends that prepared fluids be discarded after 24 hours.
  • When serving vulnerable and frail persons, refrigerate prepared product between servings.
  • When serving vulnerable and frail persons, refrigerate prepared product between servings.


As this product is recommended for people with Dysphagia, Lifemere recommends dysphagia patients consult a speech pathologist for evaluation of any swallowing difficulties and recommendations of suitability of products.

Heating instructions/disclaimer

This product can be heated on stove or in microwave to mild temperatures. Caution should be taken when heating any fluids. It is not recommended to present at high temperatures to persons for consumption as the consumer can suffer from burns if heated to extreme temperatures. All NutriTaste flavours and thicknesses is available in single sachets and cartons of 12, 24 and 150.
* Lifemere recommends only NutriTaste Thickened fluids to be used in conjunction with the RoseCup.


The Speech Pathologist evaluated John and instructed that he needs Moderately Thick liquid food (Level 2) intake to safeguard his airways.

John’s carer uses the purple spout on the RoseCup, selects Moderately Thick NutriTaste Premix (Level 2) which is clearly marked with a Purple Patch. For peace of mind John’s carer will ensure that the colours of the spout and the food packaging are the same i.e. Purple.

Mixing Instructions

As per professional prescription (Speech Therapist / Dietitian)
  • Step 1: Select the correct RoseCup spout size with the matching NutriTaste Premix.

    Colour coding makes this easy:
NutriTaste - Mildly Thick

Level 1

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Green)
Spout opening 0.5 mm for Mildly Thick liquids

NutriTaste - Moderately Thick

Level 2

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Purple)
Spout opening 1.0 mm for Moderately Thick liquids

NutriTaste - Extremely Thick

Level 3

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Blue)
Spout opening 2.0 mm for Extremely Thick liquids

  • Step 2: Pour 250ml cold drinking water in a shaker and add 50g of Premix. Shake vigorously until well/smoothly mixed (about 20 seconds).

    (If you do not have the correct size shaker, you can purchase one here.)
  • Step 3: Pour the content of the Shaker into the RoseCup and firmly screw on the lid and spout cuff.

    • When the lid is screwed on, the breathing hole in the lid should point towards the back handle
    • When the spout and spout cuff is assembled ensure that the 2 small triangles on the cuff and spout face each other.
  • Step 4: Tip the RoseCup with the spout pointing vertically down over a plate. Observe for 10 seconds. Ensure that no content runs or dribbles out of the spout hole.

    (1-2 drops of Level 1 mixture is acceptable)
  • Step 5: With the spout still pointing down, compress and release the bulb of the spout with 2 fingers and observe for a further 10 seconds.

    Only the content of the spout should be expelled onto the plate and no further dribbling should be observed.

Trouble Shooting

  • Too thick:

    If the content does not enter and fill the spout spontaneously.
  • Too thin:

    If the content runs or dribbles out of the spout hole.


  • Ensure that the correct spout size has been selected for the thickened fluid level.
  • Clean the RoseCup Shaker, dry thoroughly and prepare a fresh mix for testing.
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