Our Story

Gawie and Hannelie
“We recognise the day-to-day challenges of both sufferers and carers and will continue to develop specialised products to assist dysphagia patients and carers of those within every age group and level of disability.”
Dr Gawie Roux

Dr Gawie and Hannelie Roux have been working together in General Practice and Aged Care for nearly 20 years. Dr Gawie Roux is a Medical Doctor and Hannelie is a Registered Nurse.

Lifemere was originally known as Bayro No 1. Undergoing a rebrand in 2017, with the RoseCup and NutriTaste product ranges as a primary focus.

The design, development and refinement of the RoseCup, the innovative attachments and NutriTaste thickened fluid food range, has been ongoing for 7 years.

The Roux’s care deeply about aged care and specifically about finding solutions for people with nutrition and swallowing difficulties.

Carer education is also important to the Lifemere team. By providing educational materials they aim to increase awareness and encourage professional diagnosis to assist those suffering from feeding and swallowing difficulties.

In 2016 Cornelia Opperman joined the Lifemere team in the Marketing and Administration role.

Lifemere continues to work closely with Speech Pathologists, Nutritionists, Carers and other professionals to provide safer swallowing solutions to support carers and those experiencing difficulties swallowing.

At Lifemere we embrace and celebrate the value of every life.

Meet our Team

Dr Gawie Roux - Managing Director
Managing Director

Dr Gawie Roux

Dr Gawie Roux is a man of many talents and accomplishments, underpinned by a compassionate heart and a desire to support and celebrate the value of life. He works closely with his wife Hannelie (a registered nurse) to research and develop products that make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with eating and swallowing difficulties, with a focus on the elderly. Dr Roux works as a GP in Toowoomba, with a special interest in dysphagia and skin cancer.
Hannelie Roux - General Manager, Registered Nurse
General Manager, Registered Nurse

Hannelie Roux

Hannelie is the heart of the Lifemere team. She is a multi-talented and beautiful person who people tend to gravitate towards. Her heart for people and drive to actively make a difference in people's lives is lived out in her daily life. Hannelie qualified in South Africa with a degree in Nursing and Psychiatry and has previously worked as a registered Midwife. She has a special interest in skin cancer and dysphagia.

Whether she is assisting Dr Gawie in the medical practice in her role as Registered Nurse, organising Lifemere event logistics, talking strategy or product development, or sharing her creative flair through her beautiful flower arrangements, photography or gardening, it is clear that she is a woman of purpose and passion. Alongside Dr Gawie, she has worked towards providing products in the Lifemere range, that offer hope and support to dysphagia sufferers and the elderly. Hannelie was the President of the RDAQ - Rural Doctors Association of Queensland - Family Network for three years.

Hannelie Roux - General Manager, Registered Nurse
General Manager, Registered Nurse
Cornelia Opperman

Cornelia Opperman

Cornelia brightens up any room with her enthusiasm and flair for sharing the Lifemere vision to make a difference in people's lives. With extensive experience throughout more than twenty years in marketing, process/system administration, sales and customer service, she keeps things humming along and kept to a very high standard. Cornelia is often the person you will speak to when you call Lifemere and you can be sure she will be a pleasure to talk to.
Dysphagia is associated with a wide range of medical conditions and is a result of damage to the nerves and muscles used for swallowing.