Our Clients' Stories


QM Due to a significant deterioration in his dexterity, Resident X has slowly been unable to feed himself and can no longer hold a glass or a cup to drink on his own. In an effort to assist him in maintaining as much as possible independence at meal times, I offered him the cup.

To say he was delighted would be an understatement. He also mentioned that as his condition deteriorates further he will still be able to drink using the cup and staff can assist with the extra handle.

Thank you for bringing such a fantastic product into the market. QM

Aged Care Facility, Mel

QM Working as a carer I have always been concerned about the hydration of the residents who were prescribed thickened fluids.

The RoseCup has been invaluable in providing an alternative to the laborious spoon-feeding of the residents. I have seen a big change in the confidence of some residents, since they have been able to drink thickened fluids without the assistance of a carer. An awesome device which not only provides a means to consume thickened fluids, but also empowers the user by putting control of their hydration needs back in their own hands. QM

Registered Carer, Jaco

QM I am so happy to say that I have received my RoseCup on Friday, 16 December.

First I’d like to compliment you on the shakes. They are very delicious. My favorite is the coffee! It tastes and smells like percolated coffee.

Now, the cup. Oh, that cup. I honestly don’t know how it works, but IT WORKS!!!!!!!! In this last four to five days I’ve been drinking more fluid than I can remember having in the last few torturous months.

This last few days I was able to go to the tap or fridge, get me a cup of cold water and actually DRINK IT. That’s a heavenly feeling only people with Dysphagia can understand.

In the beginning I was a little afraid that I won’t manage, but very soon my cup and I understood each other. I’d definitely recommend the cup to more people to try. It’s my life saver. QM

Patient suffering from Dysphagia, Jean-lee

QM Just wanted to let you know how good the RoseCup has been for my daughter, Ella! Fantastic!

Ella was born with a genetic brain disorder – Lissencephaly. She has now reached the grand age of 17. She is profoundly disabled both physically and mentally. We have always fed her pureed foods and she has always drunk from a soft spouted toddler drinking bottle that we ordered from the UK. Unfortunately these are no longer made, so we had resorted to spoon feed Ella with thickened fluids. So I could not believe it when I saw the RoseCup at a recent conference display…I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be perfect for Ella.

Ella took the cup straightaway and really latched on to it. She is enjoying drinking again! QM

Dysphagia is associated with a wide range of medical conditions and is a result of damage to the nerves and muscles used for swallowing.