Dr Gawie Roux and his lovely wife and business partner, Hannelie Roux

Dr Gawie Roux


1981 MB Ch B (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
1999 FACRRM (Australia)
2001 FRACGP (Australia)
2009 GAICD (Australia)
Dr Gawie and Hannelie Roux working
Dr Gawie Roux is a man of many talents and accomplishments, underpinned by a compassionate heart and a desire to support and celebrate the value of life. He works closely with his wife Hannelie (a registered nurse) to research and develop products that make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with eating and swallowing difficulties, with a focus on the elderly.

Dr Roux works as a GP in Toowoomba, with a special interest in dysphagia and skin cancer.He is not a man who gives up easily or who rests on his laurels.The story of the RoseCup began more than 7 years ago, with the investment of large amounts of time, research and money, and continues today as the Lifemere team work towards their goal of providing products that make a huge difference in people’s everyday lives.

The development of the RoseCup was inspired by his experience as the GP of an elderly patient named Rose Palmada. Rose was suffering from dementia and dysphagia, but she had a heroic son who fought against standard treatment to ensure she was able to eat without fear of choking. You can read her story here.

Dr Gawie Roux

In South Africa, Dr Roux was the principal associate in building the lead Medical Practice in Mossel Bay, from a one-doctor venture to a state of the art multi-doctor practice.

In Australia, Dr Roux and Hannelie set up 3 practices – 2 of them with very challenging operational models and demographics. One of their clinics was regarded by the accreditation body AGPAL as the lead surgery in Australia from a business and operations point of view.

Together, Dr Roux and Hannelie have been invited to act as Consultants to optimise business models to a network of medical clinics within Australia. Dr Roux has served on several private and public Hospital Boards (3 in South Africa and 1 in Australia).

He also served as director on the board of Cardwell Care Incorporated from 2001 to 2004. Cardwell Care Inc was a not-for-profit organisation that controlled a large Rural Aged Care Facility. From 2001 Dr Roux served as director on the board of North West Queensland Primary Healthcare. This innovative “not for profit” primary healthcare organisation serviced a large area that stretched from Townsville on the east coast to the Gulf of Carpentaria. In 2006 Dr Roux was elected as Chair of the Board and held the position for about 3 years. The organisation employed more than 110 staff with an annual turnover of $20m.

Dr Roux owned a farm on the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains in Africa. He provided the groundwork to develop the farm into a nature-orientated resort.
In Australia the family purchased a farm in the Kennedy Valley, imported Nguni Embryos (an African cattle breed) and developed the index herd for the breed in Australia. Dr Roux and Hannelie set up BeefKing, a unique beef retail business for Nguni-cross cattle. They also initiated NguniNatural a complimentary retail business of farm products in rural Queensland.
Dysphagia is associated with a wide range of medical conditions and is a result of damage to the nerves and muscles used for swallowing.