Instructions and safety check for RoseCup use

Before every use of the RoseCup:

Do an inspection of the components of the Cup.
  • Ensure that the Cup is clean and dry.
  • Check the valve (cross incision) at the end of the green and purple spouts and ensure that all 4 slots are open (NOT stuck together).
  • The cusps must be mobile. Ensure that in the relaxed position the 4 cusps rest tightly against each other forming an even edge around the central hole. This is important to maintain safety and ensure sufficient flow.

RoseCup / NutriTaste Instructions

To be exercised DIRECTLY before feeding the patient

NutriTaste Mixing Instructions –

As per professional prescription (Speech Therapist / Dietitian):
  • Step 1: Select the correct RoseCup spout size with the matching NutriTaste Premix.

    Colour coding makes this easy:

Mildly Thick

Level 1

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Green)
Spout opening 0.5 mm for Mildly Thick liquids

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Moderately Thick

Level 2

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Purple)
Spout opening 1.0 mm for Moderately Thick liquids

Buy Nutritaste Moderately Thick

Extremely Thick

Level 3

(Spout colour and NutriTaste packaging Blue)
Spout opening 2.0 mm for Extremely Thick liquids

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  • Step 2: Pour 250ml cold drinking water in a shaker and add 50g of Premix. Shake vigorously until well/smoothly mixed (about 20 seconds).

    (If you do not have the correct size shaker, you can purchase one here.)
  • Step 3: Pour the content of the Shaker into the RoseCup and firmly screw on the lid and spout cuff.

  • When the lid is screwed on, the breathing hole in the lid should point towards the back handle
  • When the spout and spout cuff is assembled ensure that the 2 small triangles on the cuff and spout face each other.
  • Step 4: Tip the RoseCup with the spout pointing vertically down over a plate. Observe for 10 seconds. Ensure that no content runs or dribbles out of the spout hole.

    (1-2 drops of Level 1 mixture is acceptable)
  • Step 5: With the spout still pointing down, compress and release the bulb of the spout with 2 fingers and observe for a further 10 seconds.

    Only the content of the spout should be expelled onto the plate and no further dribbling should be observed.

Trouble Shooting:

  • Too THICK: If the content does not enter and fill the spout spontaneously.
  • Too THIN: If the content runs or dribbles out of the spout hole.


  • 1.
    Ensure that the correct Spout size has been selected for the prescribed NutriTaste Premix thickness level (Match the colours)
  • 2.
    Clean the RoseCup and Shaker, dry thoroughly and prepare a fresh mix for testing.
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