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RoseCup Silicone Soft Spout without Cuff

RoseCup Silicone Soft Spout without Cuff

Soft Spout Colour:

Replacement silicone spout for the RoseCup dysphagia feeding cup

Please choose the correct colour spout to match the thickness level

Green spout – 0.5mm hole – use with mildly thick

Purple spout – 1.0mm hole – use with moderately thick

Blue spout – 2.0mm hole – use with extremely thick

Dimension (L x W x H) 50 x 28 x 28 Millimetre
Weight 70 Gram
The RoseCup is designed to use with thickened liquids, but can be used with normal liquids. However safety is increased if you use it with thickened liquids.