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Where can I purchase the RoseCup?
The product is only available to purchase via the Lifemere website.
What is included in a demonstration Kit?
There are various kits available. Please visit our shop page to select the right one for your needs.
Are the RoseCup endorsed by doctors?
The RoseCup was designed by a Doctor and is a registered Class 1 medical device.
What if I have allergies? Can I use the Silicone spout?
If you have an allergy to silicone, you should not use the silicone soft spouts. You can use the sipper and the ball valve, and the spoon attachment.
Can I only use the RoseCup with thickened liquids?
The RoseCup is designed to use with thickened liquids, but can be used with normal liquids. However safety is increased if you use it with thickened liquids.
Does the RoseCup come in other colours?
They are only available in Green, Orange, and Translucent/Clear. Other colours will be available at a later date.
Is the RoseCup a registered feeding device?
Yes. The RoseCup is a Class 1 Registered Medical Device with the TGA.
How do I know which attachment to use?
We suggest you complete our short questionnaire to find out which attachment is most likely to meet your needs. This questionnaire does not replace a diagnosis from your GP or Speech Pathologist. If you have concerns, please see your GP.
How do I know if I have Dysphagia?
Dysphagia is a serious medical condition that is diagnosed by your Gp and a Speech Pathologist. Please see them if you have any concerns.

Downloadable product brochures

  • Warning:

    Utilising the RoseCup system to take thickened liquids in reclined or dorsal positions (laying on the back) might appear to be a natural solution in some clinical scenarios i.e. post-operative recovery, spinal injuries, multiple injuries or neurological conditions. Especially using the soft spouts might resemble the safe drinking of a baby taking a bottle while lying on his back.

    While a method of swallowing initiated by tongue-suck action might well activate effective and safe intrinsic reflex cascades, Lifemere has NOT conducted any research studies to validate such an assumption. Using the system for feeding in reclined and dorsal positions is entirely up to the discretion and responsibility of the clinician and end user.

Take our short questionnaire to discover which products will best meet your needs.

The Lifemere team look forward to hearing from you and wish you the very best.