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    The RoseCup and NutriTaste are specially designed to make it easier for Carers of,
    and patients struggling with swallowing and feeding difficulties.

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    RoseCup and NutriTaste are available with 3 types of attachments and liquid meal thicknesses to make meal times
    more enjoyable for those with swallowing and feeding challenges.

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Effective Feeding & Swallowing Solutions

Watching a loved one wither away from insufficient food and liquid intake or choke and cough when eating is traumatic.

At Lifemere we have taken a medical, nutritional and practical approach to providing you with products that offer solutions to make mealtimes more efficient, safe and enjoyable for those experiencing feeding and swallowing difficulties.
The RoseCup is a unique drinking cup designed specifically to assist people who are experiencing eating difficulties or dysphagia symptoms.

The RoseCup and specialised attachments assist in safer swallowing, hydration and nutrition. It is a Class 1 Medical Feeding Device, registered with the TGA.
NutriTaste is a thickened nutritional drink available in three different thicknesses and flavours.

It is designed by nutritionists to use in conjunction with the RoseCup to complement its effectiveness.

Safer swallowing, hydration and nutrition for those experiencing difficulty or discomfit swallowing as a result of illness, disease or disability. (Dysphagia is a condition diagnosed by speech pathologist and medical professionals. Please see your doctor if you are experiencing difficulty or discomfort swallowing.)

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Rose Palmada

To Fight For Food And Life

The RoseCup Story - by Dr. Gawie Roux (Lifemere Managing Director)

I became the GP of this charming lady, Rose and her astute husband Louis at the turn of the century in a small village in rural Queensland, Australia. Indeed a colourful and most interesting couple. Salt of the earth they were...

Time swiftly passed. Louis was buried and Rose, at the age of 89yrs deteriorated with dementia. Soon she was cared for in the High Care Unit of a Rural Aged Care Facility (RACF). The main problem in the otherwise physically healthy Rose became dysphagia. She aspirated (breathed into her lungs) small amounts of liquid on several occasions and things became complicated. Despite insufficient food and fluid intake, Rose would clench her teeth when food was introduced through her lips. She would then blow fiercely spraying the room and the carers with liquid food.


The RoseCup introduces a world first utilisation of the sucking reflex in the swallowing process of patients with feeding and swallowing difficulties.

The RoseCup introduces a world first utilisation of the sucking reflex in the swallowing process of patients with feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Here's what others say about our products.

Due to a significant deterioration in his dexterity, Resident X has slowly been unable to feed himself.... I offered him the cup. To say he was delighted...
Aged Care Facility, Mel

Working as a carer I have always been concerned about the hydration of the residents who were prescribed thickened fluids. The RoseCup has been invaluable in providing an alternative to the laborious spoon-feeding of the residents...
Registered Carer, Jaco
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