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RoseCup with Silicone Soft Spout

RoseCup with Silicone Soft Spout

Cup Colour:

Soft Spout Colour:

The RoseCup is an innovative, new Australian manufactured Dysphagia drinking cup, that can be a valuable drinking aid for those with swallowing challenges. This cup is ideally for those diagnosed with Dysphagia, by a Speech Pathologist and the attachments are specifically designed for the 3 different stages of Dysphagia. This volume control device can also provide the little extra support, for those unique challenges, when drinking and keeping hydrated.

The soft spout attachments are great to use in more advanced feeding and swallowing difficulties where some tongue action has been preserved. Sucking before swallowing might introduce benefits in efficiency and safety. The spouts ensure that only up to 3.5ml of liquid is released with every suck.

Success with the soft spout attachments can only be guaranteed when they are used with the thickened fluids.

We have conveniently colour coded our packages and soft spouts to make it easy to identify which thickened fluid to use with which soft spout attachment.

You have three options to choose from:

Level 1: spout opening 0.5 mm for mildly thick liquids
Level 2: spout opening 1.0 mm for moderately thick liquids
Level 3: spout opening 2.0 mm for extremely thick liquids

Remember to choose the correct colour spout that matches the thickness level . For example, if you use moderately thickened fluids, you will choose the purple soft spout.

Every RoseCup has three robust, easy-to-grip handles. These big handles allow the cup to be used with the left hand, right hand or with the assistance of a caregiver. The handles have been specially designed to make drinking easy for those with a weaker grip, tremors or difficulties holding normal cups. The handles enhance the versatility of the mug and give dignity, confidence and control back to users.

The liquid tight, easy to screw on/screw off lid enhances the functionality of the mug. A breathing hole allows pressure to be released from the cup. A specially designed grommet can be purchased separately. The grommet seals the breathing hole and, when used with the soft spouts, ensures the cup is spill proof even when turned upside down, dropped or knocked over.

The head of the RoseCup extends at a 30-degree angle. This unique feature ensures there is no need for neck extension when drinking. The head allows the user to keep their natural position while drinking and assists with effective swallowing.

The matt finish square on the lid allows the entry of personal information with a marker pen.

The RoseCup is a Therapeutic Goods Administration Class One Medical Device.

Key benefits of the RoseCup:
  • Allows head and neck to be in a normal position (no need for neck extension)
  • Controlled flow
  • Assisted or unassisted use
  • Fluid dispensed at the user’s own pace
  • Suitable for use with normal thinner fluids, liquid foods and thickened fluids
  • No spillage when used with the grommet
  • Can improve user confidence in feeding
  • Ensures users stay hydrated

RoseCup with Silicone Soft spout attachment includes:
  • 1 x cup - 3 handles
  • 1 x screw on, liquid tight lid (your choice of orange or green)
  • 1 x soft spout attachment (as per your choice for level of thickened fluids requirements)
  • 1 x grommet for spill proof drinking- optional
  • Spout/Sipper cover (your choice of orange and green)
Dimension (L x W x H) 180 x 160 x 140 Millimetre
Weight 299 Gram
The RoseCup is designed to use with thickened liquids, but can be used with normal liquids. However safety is increased if you use it with thickened liquids.